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Current Topics on Entrance Page reinstated
Posted on 11/16/14 02:52 AM

The "Current Topcis" on the left panel of the "Entrance" page has been reinstated. A bug in the caching system had forced this function to be disabled. We are now fetching live data, without any caching. Please report any bugs on the "Feedback" board.

Posted on 06/16/14 02:02 PM

The bug in threaded view, showing Jan. 01 1970 at 2am as post time for each and every post, has been fixed. The correct time the post was made is now properly displayed.

Block Members
Posted on 06/16/14 01:50 PM

Upon member request, the option to block members has been expanded. If there is a member whose messages you do not want to see in a thread, just go to Tools -> Options -> Blocked Members. This is the formerly called "Bozo List", now renamed "Blocked Members", which allows you not only to block any specific member from sending you private messages, but even hide the content of their posts. If you come across a post that you wish to read due to the reply to it, you still have the option to make the content visible at any time (JavaScript must be enabled).
Additionally, anyone on your blocked members list won't be able to see you as online on the Who's Online page, nor on the Entrance page. You will show as "anonymous", like any member who does not want their online activity be shown.

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